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I'd add that even though it's true that the Seasons

I must admit the victory did feel a little hollow due to Mut 22 coins the fact that my opponent's inexplicably irritated nature ultimately led to me losing the game. If he'd acted less aggressively, I think the odds are he'd be a better player and could have beat me. Also, we had fairly evenly matched squads with the top-level Ultimate Team players basically rely on the characteristics of specific cards. While I'm a top player on my team but I don't have the best squad. I can't cry about pay-to-win however, as it's true that you could hand most Madden NFL athletes a team that was 80 total players and they'd beat my team of 90s.
The only thing I'm going to admit is that I did not necessarily enjoy playing online at all. In the beginning, when I was losing with a vengeance, it was a time when I experienced lots of negativity. While I obviously know I'm not a pro at the game and don't like losing but I had to contend with a lot members who just make fun of me and troll me, even though they were almost certain to victory. It was enjoyable to meet some players who gave me some advice instead but it wasn't happening.
I'd add that even though it's true that the Seasons mode is intended to make you compete against other players who are at the same skill level, with the knowledge I've acquired, I'm not quite good enough for even the bottom class of players on the internet. I'm not going to believe I'm the only bad Madden NFL 21 players in the world, so it strikes me that the people who are at the same level as me and I'm sure there are numerous of them - do not prefer playing online.
That's really unfortunate because when the community was better and the game had the ability to match me with more players at a similar skill and level, I'd be able to play multiplayer more. There's a lot to learn about American football and I love the sport so I'm going to keep watching it on TV and play games like Madden NFL 21 in attempt to improve my knowledge so that I can apply lessons I've picked up over the last few weeks and apply it to mmoexp madden 22 coins become better. If I play online I'm thinking of retiring after 1-16.

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