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What's with "three or four games"?

What's with "three or four games"? We've not been at Mut 22 coins the gin again, but NHL 21 isn't accessible on the PC. So while the rest of the games should be playable with Xbox, Playstation and PC players on PC, hockey fans who play PC aren't in luck.
Soapbox The Long, Excruciating Weg toward My One-time Madden NFL 21 Online Win
I enjoy American football (I'm even trying to collect every single one ever played) but I'm not good at American football games. Although I'm able to generally hold my own against Computers, I've long suffered a painful online relationship where I've been kicked at every chance. I've won games in the past instalments, however, suffering a 0-14 mark during Madden NFL 21's Ultimate Team mode, I have set myself a goal to be able to win one match.
In order to be competitive at a high level, I knew I was going to have undergo a course of learning. As an Brit I've had to study the finer details of American football by myself. The basic soccer rules have become second nature to me since I was raised in a country where game is a cult. But even though NFL has seen a rise in popularity in the United States but I don't have a lifetime of knowledge to draw upon; I wasn't a gridiron player in cheap Madden 22 coins high school, and have just been a fan for five or so years.

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