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Madden NFL 22 Methods: How to Get Madden 22 Coins

The Madden Ultimate Team mode is one that revolves around earning currency called MUT Coins and using that currency to buy packs of player cards that allow you to build your team. MUT can be a bit of grind, so in this guide we’ll explain the fastest ways to earn MUT Coins in Madden 22.

Solo Challenges

And I mean, do all of them, at least the easy ones in the Campaign.

For most of these challenges, you’ll get coin rewards for achieving certain milestones. More importantly, you’ll always get valuable players that you can sell or exchange in sets for auctionable players.

Legends challenges are an absolute must when it comes to getting valuable rewards. Complete any challenge and you’ll get a powerup player that can be sold for quite a profit. It also goes without saying that some of these players are great early-game assets that can make it easier to complete some of the other challenges and get more stars.

Each challenge rewards you with 1,000 coins so 8 challenges = 8,000 coins. They’re not as easy as the ones in the Campaign (when it comes to game difficulty) but the conditions are pretty easy to meet. Legends are also a weekly thing so they’ll provide you with a steady stream of players and coins.

Auction & Trades

Another exciting way to real-in some MUT coin in Madden 22 is through the Auction House and trades. This season you can now use your coins to buy players from the Auction and Trades menu, find the best deals, and make a lot of MUT coins. If you’re looking to make MUT coins quickly, then you can look for the ‘Quicksell’ option, which will allow you to earn training points and quicksell special platinum cards for MUT coins.

Each platinum card will have an overall rating anywhere from 80-88, and the higher the rating, the more coins you will get by quick selling. For example, if you were to quicksell an 80-overall platinum MUT 22 card, then you would receive 13,000 coins. But if you were to quicksell an 88-overall platinum MUT 22 card, then you would get 250,000 coins.

Don't Buy Packs

This isn’t really a tip on how to get coins but rather how to not waste coins unnecessarily.

It may come a day when Madden decides to up their game with Packs but, as it stands, Packs will rarely have a player worth spending money on. Only open packs if you desperately need a few players to complete a set. Financially, buying a pack is an irrational decision and it’s not something you should do if you’re looking to be smart with your Coins.

There is one pack that’s always worth opening, though: the Get a Player pack. Madden pros already know this but for newbies, this will be game-changing information.

Get a Player packs are one of the most cost-effective moves you can make. First of all, you need to open a pack every day to achieve your daily goals so it may as well be a cheap pack that costs only 500 coins. Second of all, these packs will contain players that may not be impactful but they’ll always be usable for something.

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