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Learn the story of the world of Arkesia before Lost Ark launches

It’s less than half a month before Amazon Games launches Lost Ark in the West. February 11 is the official release date. However, those who buy one of the Founder’s Packs will get early access to the MMOARPG on February 8. As we are so close to starting our journey in Arkesia, we would better learn about the Lost Ark story and world. Players who want to try this new MMO should also learn the relevant Lost Ark Gold farming guide.

Luckily, Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games have teamed up to create an informative trailer with all the details you need. It gives you a brief introduction to Arkesia and Lost Ark and takes you around the game. The short version is that the ark of seven pieces is scattered on the ground. Five hundred years ago, demons invaded Arkesia, and the only thing stopping them was a noble hero who harnessed the power of the Ark. So, each player must find all the missing Lost Ark Gold and reassemble the ark to prevent the demons from destroying the world.

You can check out all the places you’ll be going in the Lost Ark news written by IGGM. There are many unique locations, each with unique aesthetics, enemies, and scenery. Unless you play Final Fantasy XIV, chances are you’ll be shopping around for a new MMORPG to put your teeth and time in. If you’re interested in Lost Ark, but want an overview of the gameplay, combat, and narrative, you can check out IGGM’s in-depth preview of the closed beta.

If you like what, you can wait until February 11 to take part for free. Alternatively, you can purchase Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Founder’s Packs for a three-day lead. You can download the PC version of Lost Ark via Steam. And you can also Lost Ark Buy Gold through IGGM, why not? Check it now!

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