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Past Expansion Content Will Be In WOW TBC Season 4

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands season 4 is coming, and Blizzard confirmed that there will be content from past expansions. Shadowlands season four will be available later this year in order to allow the game to have additional content enhancements ahead of the next expansion.
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Shadowlands season four brings the hybrid Mythic+ dungeon pool back to the dungeons from previous expansions. Some of the game's past "megadungeons" will be shown in the dungeon pool. Mythic+ players can run the upper and lower sections of the Return to Karazhan dungeon from Legion, as well as the Junkyard and Workshop wings of Battle for Azeroth’s Operation: Mechagon. While Streets of Wonder and So'leah's Gambit are the only two Shadowlands dungeons left in the season four pool, they are the two wings of Tazvesh.
In addition to Mythic+ dungeons, the Shadowlands raid experience will also be revamped in season four. Blizzard To add extra difficulty and appeal to all current raids, an affix system similar to Mythic+ will be added in the Sepulcher of the First Ones, Castle Nathria, and the Sanctum of Domination. Players will have the opportunity to earn updates and associated loot through increasingly difficult raids throughout season four.
And PvP players will have access to mounts, gear and titles, including the upcoming Eternal Gladiator title. It's worth mentioning that there will be no WOW TBC Classic Gold Hall of Fame achievement associated with Shadowlands season four, as development does not intend to define PvE activities as competitive.
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