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More rewards and exploration will be added to the world of New World

Dubbed "Heart of Madness," Amazon Games' MMORPG New World will receive its biggest update since launch in a March 2022 update. In this update, new rewards and explorations will be added around the world for players to discover as well as a partial update to Expedition.
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The Winter Convergence is over, but a bunch of yeti still haven't received the memo about it, but now you can find them in the frozen wasteland of the Great Cleave. Additionally, these yeti will drop the standard level 45 elite reward.
There's a chance to find new New World Coins Buy random roadside encounters as you follow the path of Weaver's Fen and Restless Shores.
The layout and encounter experience of Unbound Island in Cutlass Keys has also been improved, making the area more suitable for early level 30 players. So go unravel the curse of Benjamin Boatswain's ill-gotten treasure!
In addition, the layout and encounter experience of Andrometus in Weavers Fen have also been improved, and this area is more suitable for level 30 intermediate players. Blight continues to spread from Lepus, threatening to devour Aeternum.
The Expedition has also been updated. Want a steady stream of New World Coins? NewWorldCoins.com can help you. When a team joins an Expedition, now only one person is required at the entrance, while other members can enter at their current location in the world. Also fixed an issue where the boss music would stop playing after a party wipe in the Dynasty Shipyard Expedition. And updated Expedition Victory banners to play unique SFX.
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