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WOW TBC Classic will add 3 NPCs that sell raid quality

There are three NPCs that were added in the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands PTR, each of which seems to be a placeholder for a raid-quality vendor. Each vendor has a title named after the expansion's three raids: the Sanctum of Domination, the Sepulcher of the First Ones, and Castle Nathria, which means that in the future they can provide players with raids equipment.
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In the current version of WOW PTR, NPCs will only sell Elethium Ore, Lightless Silk, Callous Hide, Korthite Crystals, and Progenitor Essentia. The professional team of MMOWTS allows you to obtain TBC Classic Gold with the highest efficiency. However now their titles, "Sire Supplier", "Domination Dealer" and "Fence of First Ones" , which means that in future builds, players will be able to purchase gear from them in Shadowlands raids.
For Shadowlands season four, Blizzard plans to upgrade all three of the expansion's raids to the player's current item level and add a Mythic+ dungeon affix system to it. Shadowlands season four will be released later in 2022.
Currently, you can find these three NPCs next to the Great Vault of Oribos in the WoW PTR, but currently it is only set in the testable version of patch 9.2.5.
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