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New World plans to turn on server merging again

Over the weekend, Amazon held a free weekend event for New World on Steam. During the event, the company created a lot of free servers, and those who want to try the game can create a character and start the i-action. And after the event, these free servers will be merged into the existing servers at a later date. At present, Amazon has confirmed that this measure has been completed, and has begun a new round of cross-regional implementation servers for new server consolidation.
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There is currently a slight delay in discovering bugs when servers merge, which is now scheduled for April 15th at 1pm Pacific. Don't have enough New World Coins to make yourself stronger? Head over to NewWorldCoins.com to buy some. As it stands, 33 affected servers have been merged into other servers. Among them, Central EU has the most, with 15 servers being merged, US-East has 12, US-West 4, Australia 2. This will give two servers in Australia, four in US-West, US-East with 8, and EU-Central with 18.
Since when New World merges servers, the transferred server loses all control and ownership, which affects many players this time. If the overall population on the target server is healthier, then players have a better chance of PvP and teaming up.
There have been various reactions to this in the community, with some thanking the team for merging some requested servers, while others complaining about why their servers were not merged. In this Cheap New World Coins regard, the development team explained that any server mergers will be finalized over time. Recently, there is a bug preventing some servers from merging due to data issues, and there is currently no announcement that the issue has been resolved.
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