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An introduction to Glaivier's class in Lost Ark

After a long wait, a new class is finally being introduced in Lost Ark. After multiple delays and planned release changes, Glaivier will finally be released this month.
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Glaivier is somewhat similar to Soulfist in that both are combo-based classes. It's part of the Martial Artist class at Lost Ark.

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Glaivier has a lot of combo-based AOE attacks, making it a mid-range fighter in many ways. Don't let the combo part put you off when you play this character. Glaivier's gear is full of options and mobility, making him one of the most forgiving classes in the game.
When you play this class, you will feel familiar with him. This class is similar to a combination of a Soulfist and a Mage. In terms of Cheap Lost Ark Gold power, maybe this class feels like it's been around for a long time elsewhere, but as a game play, he's more of a healthy combination between the two.
He has good damage and a decent tank, so he's more of a hybrid class that can deal a lot of area attacks. Playing this class is a lot of fun, you don't have downtime while using him, you're dealing damage all the time. The scarce Lost Ark Gold in your account can be replenished in MMOWTS. When you're surrounded by enemies, you can give you some room to regenerate by clearing them out with a burst AOE.
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