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How Destroyer Works in Lost Ark

Players have known about Destroyer for a while. Finally getting a chance to get it after some delay, it might just be the tank your team is missing.
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The Destroyer belongs to the Warrior class and is a super tank version of the Berserker. He can get close to insane, and doesn't defend himself well, but he's very slow and takes a long delay before dealing damage.
Destroyer has two unique toolkits, so he has two types of abilities: Focused and Releasing. Its concept is very simple, that is, when you focus on abilities, you release the core. You can accumulate up to three cores at a time, and every time you unleash an ability, you consume cores. A more powerful version of Destroye's concentration ability is Unleashed Ability, and consuming more cores also gives you a more powerful shield.
This makes the Destroyer the most tanky class to date. In both PvP and PvE the class will be the main tank and rely on their team to deal damage at the same time. Although he can also deal a lot of Lost Ark Gold damage, he is very slow, making it difficult to hit enemies. Destroyer also has a lot of control, so he will be a must-have in raids.
While the character is impressive overall, it also has certain flaws, for example, they can be limited in PvP. The actual situation we will only know when it is officially released.

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