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Elden Rng: Character Guide | Finger Girls Melina and Godfrey

The Elden Ringworld is a war without a winner. We defilers are the last hope in this silent war.


Entering the Elden Ring, we play as one of the returnees drawn home by grace. We are called defilers. Enter the game, and you'll find that Elden Ringworld has become shattered. The various forces competing for the Elden Ring, because of the equal forces, created a situation of mutual suppression and mutual restraint.


At this time, we players have become the most important characters in the Elden Ring game summary. We need to continuously strengthen our strength, buy Buy Cheap Runes Elden Ring to upgrade weapons and equipment, and finally unlock the whole process of Elden Ring breaking.


The Erdtree and Elden Ring provide grace to the people of The Lands Between. Its inhabitants were blessed with grace, as evidenced by the golden halo in their eyes. Grace fades as the Ring of Eldon is broken. The most typical manifestation is that the eyes of players who have received grace have lost their golden color. The peace fell apart. War broke out, and many scrambled to try to become the new Lord of Eldon.


Who is Finger Girl?
Melina is the NPC of Elden Ring. She acts as a guide throughout the game's narrative. Meeting her marks the beginning of your Defiler journey. If you have game characters who are picky, then you will miss the role of Melina. She takes on the role of a maiden in the game, turning rune fragments into power to help you find the Elden Ring. The first meeting with Melina takes place at the Grace site on land. She will give you Spectral Steed Whistle and let you summon your Mount Torrent. If you want to know more, you need to keep talking to her.


Who is Godfrey?
Godfrey was the first Lord Eldon, the husband of Queen Marika. He carries a huge Axe with him and shoulders his companion, a wolf. Godfrey is the king of the battlefield. He led the war against the giants and faced the Storm Lord alone. Once he was graceful, but he lost a battle. Since then, the golden luster in Lord Godfrey's eyes has disappeared. The age of Godfrey has fallen. To become a new generation of Elden Ring kings, we defilers buy Buy Elden Ring Items from MMOSO and fight for glory all the time.

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