on April 20 at 11:21 PM

WOW TBC Classic's latest expansion content officially announced

Blizzard has finally revealed the next World of Warcraft expansion, Dragonflight. Players will enter the Dragon Isles in the new expansion, where players will have new quests and raids to challenge, as well as a new class and playable race.
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The Evoker will be coming to Azeroth with the arrival of Dragonflight, its first strictly scoped class since the game's launch. It's a magic-wielding class that players can play as a new dragon-inspired race, the Dracthyr.
In addition, a new system called Dragonriding will also appear in the game. Players can pilot customizable dragons by controlling momentum and gravity to fly at unprecedented speeds. Are you still worrying about accumulating TBC Classic Gold? MMOWTS helps you solve this problem. However, no official release date for Dragonflight has been announced. If there aren't any enforced delays in it, players should be able to see the expansion in-game in early 2023. However, at present, the exact timing of the expansion pack has not been determined.
If you want to try this new expansion early, you can sign up for the alpha and beta testing on the official World of Warcraft website. Because in the announcement video for the expansion, Blizzard has already revealed that an alpha test will take place soon.
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