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Deathbed Smalls's random pass feature in Elden Ring has been banned

Based on the Elden Ring map, we Tarnished might pick up Albinauric Bow, Club, and even Deathbed Smalls.


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Elden Ring, like FromSoftware's other games, follows the general rules for wearables. Elden Ring allows players to leave gifts for each other in-game. You can wear it when you come across the right gear or clothing. Such as Deathbed Dress. But not all gifts are well-intentioned. Deathbed Smalls is just malicious. Maybe only the Elden Ring Runes Talisman can protect you then.


Deathbed Smalls


What is Deathbed Smalls?

The owner of Deathbed Smalls is NPC Fia. From the outside, it is a sexy panty full of temptation. It's part of the Deathbed armor set, which is leg armor. FIA'S SET contains Fia's Hood and Fia's Robe. Now, we Tarnished stole Fia's Deathbed Smalls as we progressed through the game.



Consequences of Wearing Deathbed Smalls

Deathbed Smalls may be estimated to be placed somewhere by malicious players. Once you pick up Deathbed Smalls, the player is placed under house arrest. This is not restricted freedom, but the player will be placed under house arrest on the Elden Ring PC servers. According to these players on Reddit, they received soft bans, which forced them to play offline or online with other cheaters for 180 days.



Developer Patch Update for Deathbed Smalls

Elden Ring released a new bug patch on April 21, after the update, players can no longer randomly throw Deathbed Smalls in Elden Ring to other players. This protects the player's safety to a certain extent.


Deathbed Smalls is strictly a cheating device. Bad players take pleasure in framing other players. It will cause trouble for many players. Most players will fend off game traps from MMOSO Elden Ring Items Buy. Weapons and equipment in Elden Ring Items can not be upgraded, and the damage value of upgraded equipment will be greater. Your odds of becoming a winner are even greater. Only by being the winner will you reveal the next storyline.

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