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WotLK Classic beta may be released after WoW Classic's the Lich King beta

Blizzard has announced that World of Warcraft's Classic era content will enter the Wrath of the Lich King expansion later this year. While no exact release date has been announced, players can already prepare for the beta.
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Even though all of Burning Crusade Classic's content hasn't been released, players can now opt-in to the WotLK Classic beta with a quick click of a button on the official WoW Classic website. There's also a tier of TBC Classic that hasn't been released, and the legacy expansion hasn't even been around for a full year. In the mid-2000s TBC and WotLK initially released expansion packs about two WOW TBC Gold years apart, so it's likely that WotLK Classic will be available later this year, meaning the Sunwell Plateau will be available a few months after TBC's last raid was released.
There is still a lot of content coming out of TBC Classic, so players who face the WotLK Classic beta version need to be patient. Before it will be testing upcoming TBC content, as soon as that content is moved to live servers, Blizzard will start the WotLK beta.
The WotLK beta release date is currently undetermined, but it should be shortly after the Sunwell Plateau release in TBC Classic. You can find out how to earn WoW Classic TBC Gold at MMOWTS. This gives players the opportunity to prepare for Northrend as well as upgrade Death Knights to help players complete what TBC Classic has to offer.
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