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Maybe more. Right now if you're playing for rep

This is possibly the most contentious one on the list, and I blame it partly on YouTubers and also this"grinding" culture. Yes, they're grinding by playing a video game because that is the way they earn money. But the NBA MT Coins rest of us bought into this concept that a game needs to be a grind rather than, idk, enjoyable? I've been called lazy for not wished to badges. For not playing with video games LAZY? Grinding badges isn't fun for most players. I argue that it's costing 2K money because why purchase VC for a new build when you still have to grind badges? 2K should eliminate all of the badges which are just characteristics in disguise (which are the huge majority). Unpluckable, rebound chaser, rim protector, select pocket handles, shoot and catch, touch finisher, the list goes on. Bring feature ratings threes that are contested, like shifting shot mid back, contact dip, boxout, ect.
Add additional attributes to help distinguish builds so everyone does not feel so similar. You should be able to have aggressive and a whole build without a single badge. Then just have a couple badges your player. By way of example, badges such as heart crusher or slippery off ball are rarely used because you want badges to really strike shots and play defense. However, if the attributes do that the badges may be utilized as a fun luxury instead. Alot of people who I played last year ceased playing with this season because of the grind and they have tired of playing on the same player. The people who enjoy grinding new gamers can grind complete and vc, but everyone shouldn't be forced to grind a game that's for fun.
Pretty obvious here. I shouldn't have to learn a jumpshot timing that is different for every mode I perform. I should not be getting kicked from neighborhoods and games. I should not need to wait forever for a pro'm game or get stuck onto the rec loading display. Not all of this is your servers, but NBA 2K21 makes cash to still have these gameplay issues.
That's because it is so significant although this has been discussed at length. Add a matchmaking booth such as ruffles or rec, and keep the neighborhood if you want has. The concept of having to wait at a game is absurd. However, along with that, there needs to be a difference in rep Up matches vs matchmaking games. Insert a 2v2 and 1v1 Pro-am too (different bigs and guards). Pro-am should give you ATLEAST double the rep of a rec game.
Maybe more. Right now if you're playing for rep, then you are better off beating up dressings in rec than going to pro am where you could face some resistance. If Pro-am players got 3x the rep as rec and park players, then rep would actually mean more and park and rec could develop into the Buy NBA 2K MT casual manner they were meant to be. When NBA 2K21 initially came out, most of the comp players were at pro-am, therefore park was fine for us casuals.

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