on January 10 at 05:55 PM

Yeah, this is really starting to bug me

Their sarcasm really brings back great memories of Animal Crossing Items the older Animal Crossing games.I was thinking exactly the same thing! I really miss the snarky and sassy comments maybe snowmen are only the beginning of AC developers listening to feedback of us begging for more!
They sucked the life out of this dialogue. Passive-aggressive, sarcastic, and rude conversation essentially sum up the original game.And this dialogue is soulless even compared to the other recent games. In fact, I recall it being a rarity in this game.
Yeah, it is somewhat sad that you have to talk to them multiple times just to hear something different and every time after the first they behave as if you're breaking up your restraining order against them.
Yeah, this is really starting to bug me. I play a good deal, and the number of times I get repeat lines from villagers is no joke. Sadly I have never played NL, but it's really shocking to hear that the difference - I can not for cheap Animal Crossing Bells the life span of me understand why Nintendo would choose to"dumb down" the villagers such as this.

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