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Also, 100 hours in New Horizons

I can't even explain how much I love this sport and Animal Crossing Bells what it's done for my mother. I finally feel as though I have given back some of the joy that she has helped me along with my entire life.
I played for about 100 hours, before I have burnt out. And I was taking my time with this match. I was not one of these players that time went, or played for hours on end each day. This is coming from somebody who's played with previous games in the show for months, without getting bored. I suppose you can say . It's only a pity that New Horizons was just able to hold my interest for about 3 weeks, especially considering this is a game that is made to be played for at least one full year.
Also, 100 hours in New Horizons, is not necessarily the same as 100 hours in a game such as, say, Breath of the Wild. A good chunk of my playtime was spent doing dull and repetitive jobs, or only waiting around because the total gameplay is really slow. I really don't regret my time on this game, but I just wish there were more reasons to make me want to continue playing, and sadly there are not.
Honest question: what's different for you from the prior ones? I have been playing as the first AC and I actually like new Horizons. I actually don't see it so much different from others, the core mechanics are the same. I do agree it isn't a match for Cheap Nook Miles Ticket everybody however.

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