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Oh you sweet summer kid

If it were not for the Abel sisters and Animal Crossing Bells collecting cute clothes I would have completely checked out months ago.I feel as though I'd get far more enjoyment if I could have multiple islands. Imagine just starting up a new island just like you'd begin a brand new world in Minecraft. You could make new designs without needing to let go of your previous inventions.
Still cute, and playing the sport, but still lacking some central important characters. I hope year 2 focuses more on those things vs events. I would like to enjoy Island LIFE not only Island design.
The weird thing is... there's more thing interactions compared to previous matches, but there is way way less interaction with the show basic: residents. Everyone's repetitive and shallow as hell in comparison to preceding titles.Literally have not played this game since they added swimming at the summer update. Ran out of stuff to do.
Oh you sweet summer kid. This is the case with every game which requires NSO for internet. And yeah my girlfriend was not happy about that at all . Like there's no way she is paying for a service when she just wanted to sell turnips online or something.Not the principal point of your comment but, at least Xbox, if you are a Gold consumer and make an Xbox your main account (similar to having a NSO accounts and creating a console your principal console), then every account that signs on that console gets access to Buy Nook Miles Ticket online gaming. . Contrary to Nintendo Switch.

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