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I've been a gamer for all 30 years of my life

I played with it for Animal Crossing Bells like 350 hours over a few months which makes it easily my most played sport and then one day did not feel like playing and haven't touched it since. I love so much about it just realised how much of my time has been spent wasting doing stuff that shouldn't take as long as it will like purchasing tickets or seeing islands etc.. We had 4 players visiting each others islands every day to mess around and see new things it it would take so long just waiting for folks to get there.
I've been a gamer for all 30 years of my life. My mother has been a part of me getting every games from NES to my PS5. I got her creature crossing for Xmas (well, the switch and a promise of this match ).
While she has never been a gamer, she would play occasionally when I was younger (tmnt and Mario on nes, Tony Hawk and tekken on Playstation...) and never did very good. Only child with one parent, she did her best with gambling. She has played animal crossing every single moment. She retired early bc of this pandemic and wellness problems, and that I could see her escaping troubles in the game.
I can not even describe how much I love this game and what it's done for my mother. I finally feel as though I have given some of the enjoyment she's helped me along with Nook Miles Ticket For Sale my whole life. It warms my heart every time I see her pick up her switch.

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