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It costs less if you use an armour stand at ur house

Since being hacked, I only have 10 m cash left. I've been working on earning money, but am trying to focus on college, so RS will be in OSRS gold the conclusion of my priorities. Which do you think I should proceed with, and why? I do have 99 cons, and a steel monster in my dungeon, so that I can control the shield.

If you're going to slay, you don't need def, simply beg: Prossy pl8 and legs for prayer bonus, plead protect melee/(mage/range based on job ). Glory is favored if you can not be effed to spend 9m within an amulet. Fury has rather decent defence stats to get an ammy. . Along with better stats than glory. . A good deal of sals say fury is essential, but attractiveness is almost just as good.

Dragon defender over dfs cuz of atk bonuses. Since ur low on money expl ringzerker, since the pray bonus lowers the amount of ppots used. . Torags have nearly 2 times longer defence (Iirc, its the best defence armour in game). . Best part? Its frikkin hot! If you invest 9m to fix torags, u can use them for a total of 843.75 hrs. (over enuff time to maximum melee and maximum slayer)... Thats almost the very best shizzle ur gont get. .

It costs less if you use an armour stand at ur house. I don't see why you don't want to utilize them. If you do not care about looks then you (really are a sad homo) can acquire Veracs skirt to proceed with torags body. . Same def bonus because torags thighs, albeit more costly and has prayer bonus, so u can use it to get slayer when u dont want to cheap RuneScape Mobile gold pray protect prayers. Dfs is just helpful for tanking bosses or in pvp activities, as drag def is a lot better due to the epic atk bonuses.

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