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Really depends on if you use a manual or not

Any bosses or OSRS gold anything that I can solo? Is your chest worth getting? Where do I find a group to GWD with? For 70 str quickly, where if I train? Is slayer a fantastic option? For 70 defence, where if I train? I need this like very fast. ROL vs ROW vs ROR vs zerker ring? Claws of guthix vs saradomin strike vs zamorok w/e.
How long will 99 fletching take? How much does it cost? Just how long can it take to get a staff and a cape in the mage arena. Is it easy to get piety? Should I do the quest that gets me the vacant prayer book? Could I kill Jad? People today state to take 200 candies to jad but they are 10K each. How can you manage that? Together with flasks and everything, what will my inv. And equipment be for jad. How much benefit is it/barrows run? Are there any monsters which I can camp on?
Would you give me an actual time to how long each quest will require. When I typed a query two times, please ignore it as I typed this within the course of about a week. If a question is stupid/can be replied w/ google/wiki then simply put X then query. You are able to reply with like 1 phrase. I simply want answers. Oh and it will keep me hopeful that after 11 months of f2p, includes 1 month p2p. Otherwise, f2p is so boring it makes you want to perish.
Really depends on if you use a manual or not and if you screw up - I always wind up forgetting 1 thing and quests wind up taking me a bajillion hours. Dragon defenders are somewhat easy to get:-RRB- 15 minutes if you are lucky. 15 minutes if you currently have tokens and buy RuneScape Mobile gold therefore are lucky maybe. I'd say you're more likely looking at about a couple hours, probably longer.

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