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They are pretty different from

And these animals are native to Animal Crossing Items my home state so it is not juuuust that an AC tattooWhen it comes down to it, I get where they're coming from. Like, I do it. Us black people have had to endure people taking things considered'uncouth' or'unprofessional' on us to turn them around, provide them quirky-cute name like'miniature knots', then turn them in a trend much more palatable to the larger, less melanated, populace. There's a lot of staying mad from the area over this. We are told again and again which styles and fashions that we've coined are ghetto and awful when we wear them. But when an outsider comes in and cops it, it's all of a sudden cute or a daring statement.
Gatekeeping and throwing random rules on who can wear what on their small packages of code and pixel? Nonsense. They are fighting a battle that isn't there and making themselves seem all the way dumb in the procedure.
Non-issues such as this are why people's eyes roll when'cultural appropriation' even gets brought up.Now that it's been a few months since the circumstance, I've got this to say: Insisting on calling them'space buns' when they are obviously afro puffs is bizarre. I meanthey seem like cornrows braided up into kinky pigtail puffs, aka afro puffs.
They are pretty different from, say, the odango wig that is already represented in the game (that appears more like what you get when you google'space buns'). The situation was pretty ridiculous, especially since it totally went the way I knew it would with... let us say,'radical' people chiming in to'stick it to cheap Animal Crossing Bells those'oversensitive liberals' or whatever opposite side of this spectrum boogeyman resides in their minds.

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