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The move-out bubble itself is on a cooldown

Apparently Alice's Adventures In Wonderland is an example of this. There's a variation called The Annotated Alice that really explains all of Animal Crossing Items the references inside and the sequel Alice through the looking glass
I'd probably have gone never knowing or caring what a tanuki was when it wasn't for Nintendo. Additionally, I might have never heard what a kappa was, possibly. And Kapp'n is called a turtle in the English translation but I understand he's actually a kappa.
I read, besides getting a camper to name them, that if a villager asks you to move out, instantly close the game and avoid them the rest of the day. The next day another villager will request to depart, rinse and repeat until the one you would like to leave asks to depart.
That is true. You do not even have to talk to the individual who has the bubble. If it's the"go out" bubble, then it will pick a random villager every day. It may be the exact same villager or a villager that's"inside" (so that you do not see the bubble), but it will still be a randomly chosen villager, and all of them are eligible (technically there's a couple exceptions related to home birthdays and moving ).
The move-out bubble itself is on a cooldown that's two weeks since you last had a move-out conversation, so in the event that you have the dialogue (regardless of what you tell the villager to perform ) it resets. But if you dismiss it, then it is going to jump around every day.
Would you have to force one to move out or simply reject an older one's move out request? I am like 99% sure I got my most recent villager to move outside after, but I believe maybe 2-3 villagers asked to move out (but I advised them not to) before she did.
Same here. I arrived back in January after not playing because around this time last year and was extremely disappointed purchase the lack of things added, and especially the absence of"fresh to the string" things added. The buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Items ocean update was cool, the art update was fine but the absence of QoL upgrades is what killed the game for me. Fishing Bait still only being able to be made one at a time.

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