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Interspersed with animal crossing and multimedia.

The Animal Crossing series started 20 years ago, and five versions have been produced since then. Mainly games, in addition to some derivative products. The most recent iteration is Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which is an island-based life simulation game. New Horizons recently received two huge item crosses that can be used as Mario items and Sanrio cards. This is a preview of the future for Nintendo.

Nintendo may be cited because they are in the Animal Crossing game. In Dobutso no Mori. When the player checks the cabinet, sometimes they may see some message reminding: You found 100 rupees! But you cannot use them here. This point, in addition to other references to your Zelda game, also retains the release of the enhanced version. Each version has its characteristics. But in the ACBellsBuy store, players can see all the items and can choose to Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets. The tradition continues. Because players will get Zelda's items in other animal crossing games.

Mario items can be found in all games about the main line of animal crossing. Although it is the same game, the way they are obtained will change. For example, in Animal Crossing: City Dwellers game. Floating items appear throughout the game, and players can shoot down these gifts with a slingshot tool. The Mario part of Animal Crossing is different from the rest of the game because they retain the 8-bit style and shadows. These retro items incorporate their lighting mechanism and will not react to the lighting in the room like other activities.

Various Hello Kitty items appeared for the first time in Animal Crossing: New Leaves. As part of the welcome update, players can purchase through it and use them to summon villagers and other town characters. Players will talk to Wisp, a ghost friend who will magically become the of any character in the entire 3DS. The character will then include his or her RV, and the player can invite guests to live in their town. Players can visit Buy Animal Crossing Gold to welcome new guests. Hello, Kitty items can only be obtained through Rilla's RV. Rilla is a gorilla villager wearing the iconic Hello Kitty red bow.

Other more subtle cameos include Louis, a gorilla villager similar to Donkey Kong, and wearing a shirt that references Luigi, as a variety of dialogue options with NPCs. The most eye-catching one should be Gulliver. When the player met him, he received multiple references from other games. One of the dialogue options with Gulliver in Animal Crossing: Wild World is to ask the player when he saw a spotted fox. Animal Crossing has experienced some truly memorable crossings in the past and is interested in finding out what might happen next.

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