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The Secret to the Abundance of Aion Online Kinah

Aion Online is an MMO of not only quests but definitely grinding. There really isn’t too much of a way around it. There are a ton of quests but to be honest sometimes its worth just grinding out that extra two or three boxes to level. So this post should help gamers with grinding and some general gold farm tips.

Become A Crafter

Endless possibilities come into mind when crafting for Kinah, and we’re not talking about just simply making items to sell them. Sellers can also become a master crafter for hire and offer services for Kinah. A crafter can specialize in many things: armorsmithing, weaponsmithing, alchemy, and the like. However, the drawback to this is that there’s a required set of time and dedication to this profession. No one becomes an expert at something in just a day. But if someone is the type of person that likes to invest in improving their character as well, then this is something that they can do for enjoyment while getting some kinah at the same time.

Strongly agree with these suggestions, kinah generation through non-luna methods is far too low. We live in a world where old methods of kinah farming were obliterated in the name of denying bots an easy source of income only to have luna, an even more bot-friendly kinah generator, rise in its place.

Here's what I suggest:

Raise the kinah droprates from mobs inside instances

Increase the white item values to something manageable

Increase Kinah rewards for Siege participation

Add Kinah bundles to World Boss Loot tables

Your notes are ready; let's say you now know that orichalcum ore sells very well at server's night time. Venture out to spots where orichalcum is in large quantities and start gathering it massively. This of course requires that your gathering skill is high enough, but frankly, if you want to be rich in the game you WILL have to keep gathering often. When you have enough at hand, start selling.

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