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Shadowlands is just two weeks away at this time

I kind of had a notion that Blizzard would be using the fact that we'll essentially be questing throughout the afterlife to revisit a lot of WOW TBC Gold old characters, but if that is what we're going to see from this, I'm even more excited. Throughout the storied history of Warcraft within the previous 26 years, there are a ton of amazing characters -- both good and evil -- which have bit the dust in 1 manner or another.
I have not been playing these games since their inception, I am not old enough, but I have been playing long enough to get a load of sentimental attachment to a lot of personalities, especially ones which are no longer with us.
Shadowlands is just two weeks away at this time, and I can not wait to go in and get my hands on it. There are a great deal of dead characters I would love to see again, and if the Bastion animation is anything to go by, it seems like I will get that wish.
Additionally, more Connected Realms are on cheap WOW Classic TBC Gold their way for September 2 and September 3. In the end, check out 10 Souls we'd love to see in Shadowlands.

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