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I recall in Legion when I had this notion

I recall in Legion when I had this notion. I had been frustrated with the feeling as I was wasting time at WoD (I chalked that up to coming in late and having to'catch up'). Two months to Legion I had been playing together following the narrative in Legion and suddenly to continue a questline I needed to perform a mythic dungeon of a specific difficulty. It was not designed for a casual encounter.
It stinks because I remember when they executed raid finder as a way of generating lower problem content so people might experience the story without having to be more of a'hardcore' player. Suddenly fundamental outdoor quests required competitive content.
It had been an un-ashamed, intentionally designed measure meant to stop my progression in undergoing the story. I got it done after two weeks of trying while doing other things, but two weeks later I stopped logging in and have not looked back since.
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