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I do think there's an element of the devs tricking themselves

I 100% believe that this was true in WOW Classic TBC Gold Hearthstone. I have not played in a very long time but back when they started adding cards there would be a few new broken strategy everyone needed to play and Blizzard sat around for weeks saying everything was fine prior to waiting to release a few half-assed counter in another expansion. When it failed they eventually delivered a balance patch to repair the initial issue. I'm sure people stuck around just to see whether the new cards could change anything so the player numbers were boosted.
Agree. I do think there's an element of the devs tricking themselves into believing their"systems" and articles are at least kind of pleasure. They certainly"overdesign", starting with the benefits and working backward from there rather than really thinking if the systems themselves are enjoyable.
But in BFA, everyone understood Azerite armor was trash in beta and blizzard said dont worry we have fixes in shop. In Beta shamans were dreadful and had many bugs and issues which weren't addressed. The first tier comes around and instead of them fixing shamans they state the initial patch Shamans will be repaired. So they somehow made insect fixing shamans a material feature in the first major patch in an attempt to keep people subscribed or buy WOW TBC Gold bring them back into the match.

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