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Roald offers you an fishing rod with some bait

I'm not able to do it. If you can send me a few Maple Logs, however, I'll provide the logs to RuneScape Mobile gold you. It is not advisable to purchase maple logs for sale at a cheap price! The logs must be cut by yourself! (45 Woodcutting to cut the Maple). Take the logs back home to King Lathas. Okay. This key is yours. You must leave now. The Key is from King Roald. Contact Advisor Grihm and then go to King Roald.
Good morning you, adventurer. Today the king is busy entertaining guests. This is an emergency! If this issue isn't addressed the whole of Gilenor could be lost! Sorry, I can't--(Player Name) come here. I don't have time. Thank you, Leige. I'm having an issue. Gilenor is having a problem. Varce suggested that I obtain an access key from him to ensure that the Demonic Gladiators don't take us down. Poppycock! This is a flimsy lie! I do not believe it! Do you think I'm a fool?
I'm not! No! It's the truth! You must take down one of my guards in my Courtyard before I will provide you with my key. Guards aren't my issue, Grihm. Kill a guard and then return to Roald. Oh, the guard was killed. Yes, I did. Have you got the key? I'm not sure. Take me a cooked longfish. This rod and bait can be used to catch them.
Roald offers you an fishing rod with some bait. Visit Barbarian Village to fish. Prepare one longfish. Both require the level 45 of fishing and cooking. Here's the longfish you cooked. Do you want to buy OSRS gold know the key? I'm a man who sticks to his word. You can take it.

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