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Additionally, the game earns you points

Additionally, the game earns you points that are used to OSRS gold purchase new ranks, weapons, armor, and weapons. The crossbow cannot be used for unlimited time after you buy it, and it only accepts bronze, black or silver bolts. Here are the following ranks: guard-in-training, new man, deputy commander, soldier and warden. You can also obtain custom (this is where you use seven numbers). 23 characters
There is no way to earn xp from these minigames unless you use combat. We appreciate your feedback and help. Sorry, I was not able to correctly capatalize, spell and punctuate everything. We appreciate your time!
Hello! I've been working in fishing trawler and was thinking it could be fun to raid and attacking other people's vessels, much like cabin fever. This is it... Shipwrecker's starting point is portphasmytas chat with captianfishy. He'll say he's in need of an entire team of people to collaborate together for 20 minutes simultaneously. If you agree to help, you can begin the mini-game. You can also talk to his captain raidy brother and play the minigame.
Begin the minigame by entering either captain fishy or captain rady's boats. You will be asked by the mirstmate if you are ready to buy RuneScape gold go on. If you say yes, the mini-game will begin.

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