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Look at the debut numbers of rookies

Sewell's 75-point overall mark makes him one of Mut Coins the top offensive linemen of rookies. It's not a surprise given that the highly sought after Oregon player was also the first player to be selected. Atlanta's tight end Kyle Pitts, the fourth selection of this year's NFL Draft, leads the way for the class of this year's rookies by scoring 81 overall at the time of its launch. Sewell was among two players chosen after Sewell: DeVonta Smith from Philadelphia and Patrick Surtain II from Denver.
Last year the Lions first-round draft pick Jeff Okudah earned an overall score of 76. After an injury-ridden year it will be fascinating to see how his rating is in Madden this year.As we near the release date of August 17th, Pride of Detroit will provide additional analysis and ratings information.
NFL rookies are disappointed with 'Madden22' ratings: "You have to change that."EA Sports' "Madden" ratings aren't always the best particularly for rookies.With "Madden 22" released on August. 20, EA had first-year players make guesses about their debut ratings. Look at the debut numbers of rookies.
Take Patriots first-round draft pick, quarterback Mac Jones, for instance. When asked to take a look at his score for "Break Tackling" Mac Jones, the Alabama player claimed that a 52 "would be amazing." It's a good thing, especially considering his actual score of 26.
He laughed and said "Oh My God!" "No You're not making fun of me. How many tackles have I even broken before." The speculations came from shifty Jets receiver Elijah Moore who figured his "Change of Direction" would be a perfect 100. Spoiler: It was not and he was too far away from the score of Cheap Madden 22 Coins 93. "Who is higher than me?" Moore wondered. "'Cause 93 kinda low, like. "I don't know what I can do, but I'm sure I'm not the only one."

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