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The evening was so stressful

Two taxis took us to our hotel and took us to OSRS gold Jagex. While I won't go into specifics the food was fantastic, the rides and games were fantastic, and it was great to be able to chat with people in a relaxed atmosphere. Mark may be a little competitive. While I'd love to know more information about this event, I won't be able to. So I'm going to put it to rest.
On the Saturday, a couple of Jagex members picked us up and took our to lunch. Mark Gerhard was able to have join us however, domestic issues were a factor and he was forced to go home. The majority of us went out punting along with Paul M (look at tongue.gif) and some stayed behind and bought some souveniers to wait for Mod Poppy. After many discussions, we came to a consensus on what we wanted to do on our last day. Did we want to go to the sights? Perhaps to bowl or watch an upcoming film? What about a bus tour around the city? All great ideas. We decided on the best one. We went all together to Jagex and then logged on to the computers to play RuneScape.
The evening was so stressful, we chose to split up and move to hotels closer to the airports from which we would be departing the next day. Water_is_Nat was there for dinner along with another incredible player. We swapped contact information and it was time to buy RuneScape Mobile gold fall asleep. After all, we were all up at 5am to take flights back to the cities we live in.

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