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I'm not going lie to you... this one feels kind of random

In the beginning, we hope all of Mut 22 coins our readers have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July weekend! It's always an exciting day when the latest Madden game is released - this year's edition is expected to be packed with numerous changes and improvements. The game will launch on the 20th of August.
One of the big changes to this year's game is bound to cause controversy among the sport's most passionate players and fans. EA Sports announced that each team will be given the distinct "home field advantage" during the game.
Your Tennessee Titans have a home field advantage that is quite interesting. The fine folks at EA have decided to create it so that the Titans (and their offensive line) stay clear of holding penalties while playing at home. You can look up the Titans advantage, along with the rest of AFC South (and AFC East) here:
I'm not going lie to you... this one feels kind of random. Even though they boast one of the most thrilling offenses in the NFL however, the Titans remain an afterthought for most people who aren't from buy Madden 22 coins Tennessee. I'm not sure the origins of this "holding advantage" idea came from.

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