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Third: If range and mage became stronger

Unlimited use You pay for it once and never have to worry about it ever again. Popular types include Dragon, Bandos, and Armadyl. People love the RuneScape gold financial security that single payments offer. However, since they last forever, they become very expensive and scarce, and their prices fluctuate way too quickly, which causes players to lose millions.
Unlimited usage, but it must be repaired. It is a single cost to buy it, however at times you'll have to pay a lesser cost to keep its stats. Barrows and Berzerker Shields are two examples. They offer a semi-financial security as well as a money sink. They are also very rare and costly, and could be sold off for millions.
It is not repairable if you only utilize it for a short period of time. It's expensive initially, but it will wear out eventually. Examples include Vesta's, Statius and Corrupt Dragon and Sacred Clay armor. People appreciate the fact that demand is steady, instead of changing quickly due to the low daily sales. It is a pain to have to pay repeatedly, for the armor. Your opinion? Please recognize the significance to your life and the economy when you post.
This is not an obscene rant. Many people complain about their skills being "under powered". First of all, range and mage are not two distinct skills. Each one is an independent skill. Melee has 2/3 abilities attack and defense, as in addition to strength. Second: Range and mage doesn't boost combat, so it's possible that a "weaker" player may have a very high combat level or mage so they are slightly weaker.
Third: If range and mage became stronger, they'd have to make it contribute to your combat level further, making your combat level more advanced. With melee its already strong, which is why it makes it possible to increase your level.
Forth: Maximum hit with range remains at 100/200 (please justification) and mage may produce cool effects (freezing stat lowering and even the ability to venge!) These items are only available to Melee if you're willing to cheap RS gold pay! For now, that's it. Please take note of what I am trying to convey. I'm open to hearing about new products, (armadyl wep anyone? Thank you for reading. Feel free to post your concerns and/or questions. Sorry for any spelling and grammar errors.

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