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What MMO games require is something


Yes, I do believe that the Olympic Games were held in Olympia. It is well-known that the Spartan Games are an annual event which hosts an event called the quad-annual Olympic Games. In my version of Greece, it is the WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold sole way that people who were not born to Spartan parents can acquire Spartan citizenship. To win a gold or risk death (the Games which grant citizenship are a version gladiatorial games).
Three warriors board a ship to fight the Kraken which is terrorizing their town. When the Kraken emerges from beneath the water only for an instant, one of their warriors turns to other and announces "We're going to need a bigger boat"
The evil king of Tyranny engages the young hero to a sword fight. He slice off the heroes' hand and now has him in a corner. The king demands for his help in conquering Greece. The hero doesn't want to, since it was his father who he killed. "No Lucius, I am your father." The crowd screams.
There's a play about war in which the king of Sparta is depicted as throwing one down a well and shouting "this is sparta." Some of the people in the audience find this ridiculous but the Spartans seem to be a part of this.
It's not that I don't enjoy this farm and believe it's great to have materials from TBC for sale on AH sites like cobra scales, basilisk eyes and oshgun fragments , but they take quite a while to sell. An hour of farming can take up to two or so months to sell. They're not farm products which means there's lots of AH competition. There is a good chance that someone is going to get bored of selling these items at 25% off the cost of the item.
I used to farm this region when TBC was on the scene, but after WoW Tokens was released, farming for gold is pointless because the time spent getting the amount of gold and swiping for it is drastically different. It's 87K/hour but you can get an amount of 190K gold (NA) by swiping $20. Gold that is Retail can be traded for Classic for as long as it's not in conflict with ToS.
Thats assuming the person is in the business of mining gold. It's possible that they're trying to get a token to play for fun. Yes, they're quick ways to earn money but who cares?
There is 15 years of content on WoW and still a decent community. I suggest giving it a try, appreciate the effort put into the game, and then make your own opinion. It's all about the adventures you're on, not what others think. I was amazed by the amount of legion I was able to find. It's crack. The greed of Blizzard has sort completely destroyed the game.
What MMO games require is something that actually keeps players excited and engaged in the "world" they are playing in more than simply creating numbers that go up to buy new equipment that eventually becomes obsolete or irrelevant which allows them to obtain new gear which makes numbers go up cheap WOW TBC Gold again until it is obsolete until infinity.

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