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The playerbase is larger in Aion Classic

I'm not sure they looked at the emails, and that's the aion classic kinah biggest problem. I sent an email asking about the dog and I was offered a three month sub in order to verify. The first reply is that they do not offer this service. Second reply they say they don't have information on Siels Aura items.
Everyone entered at the same time as a group. The only difference is that leaving the instance to submit hairpin quests is considered to be unconstitutional, and returning into the ....., but everyone does this. It can't be it, I'm sure. In any case, I emailed them and got the copy n paste response from them. They were not eager to look into their error. Awful.
It's not the case. This is just the new"copy/paste" approach they're providing to everyone who haven't done anything else than standard SR hairpin runs, and I know of one user who hasn't been online for just a week that was banned for this. They probably just checked people who had left the site and re-entered SR numerous times, and declared them banned using an automated verification, not even bothering to confirm the authenticity of their quest.
So I finally got someone to explain why I got banned. Be aware, you know. Utilizing SteelRake and doing the HairPin quest could get you banned if it is submitted multiple times. This is what I did along with my fellow players in the LFG group I was part of. The idea was to take out the mobsand collect the 12 hairpins, then proceed to the Shugo, and take on our quest. After that the game was over, we'd return in Steel Rake and continue in the same manner. Actually, this is something we all would do when the game first launched in 2009. Didn't realize this was an exploit?! I've replied to them to inquire if it's an exploit or it is a false positive on their end. According to me, this is not an exploit but seems to be by design? But, be aware in the event that you're involved by using the hairpin hunt.
The playerbase is larger in Aion Classic however it's all relative , considering that Aion retail feels like there's only six players on the game at any given moment the last time I went through. Aion Classic is in the combat patch which was acknowledged or at the very least acknowledged by everyone as being one of the top choices partly due to its animation-based combat system and because the for the creeping of certain class identities did not occur until. Aion Classic does have 1 hour free play which isn't much, but it means you are able to play a tiny amount even if it's necessary to suspend your sub (and if you pause your sub , then it likely means you're too busy to have a long duration of time).
Are there any differences in graphics, gameplay or player base? I've played a single character until level 8 on the F2P edition and buy aion classic kinah eu would like to know whether Classic is worth the cost. Is there a pros and disadvantages of both? It would be incredible!

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