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You're not going to be able to compete with AOE

Are you talking about raids or heroics? If that WOW TBC Gold guy was talking about rogues making value out of CC and helping with off-healing they most likely were referring to heroics. This is because the average dps is lower, even without consumables or raid buffs.
It's all dependent on heroics. Larger locks seed packs can push DPS higher. I can still do 1500 on bosses with a single target on my lock, if the tank can withstand the threat.
Yes, if you have a well-equipped pally tank and locks that have large pulls, then everybody in the group can become a carry for any boss other than you. It's likely that you'll smoke hunters and the mages too, unless they're weak and the mage will snipe at them before the seeds go off.
I don't disagree that 500 dps on one boss target is pretty low, but in the event that you offer an animal the same requirements (fast kill times, high buffs) they'll have over 1k fairly easily if they have some gear.
As a wild tank I average 400-500 DPS. You'll get much higher in cat form with the dorky 40 level hat. If you are not, someone else is correct. You need to tank.
Feral tanks can transfer DPS to item rack and tank DPS cats can use it with ease. The difference in talent between tank and the most effective DPS cat is just one or two points. There is no point going in the wild DPS and only.
There is a benefit to having. And personally I'm relaxed and don't care even if you're at 500-600 DPS when grouped with me. It's just an opportunity to point out the significant disadvantage of not tanking.
Part of my problem is that I'm unable to complete my full rotation with certain mobs because the hunter/mage/lock is killing everything. .... In raids, my overall DPS is far, far higher. however, it's not as impressive as pure dps clearly, but not nearly as low as in dungeons.
You're not going to be able to compete with AOE and I'm sure you've heard. In addition, nowadays people compare everything to the top most circle jerks that parse and that's why they don't care. It is possible to be a solid DPS tank and change to DPS with bosses. People speak exclusively Parse and BiS in the mainline now. They take about 10 more seconds to tackle a fight that buy WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold was caused by the utility.

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