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Although it's still a guess I'm pretty sure

This brings me to something I said a few months ago, when Bachelor Fridge came out. My friends and I talked about the enthusiasm of RS gold Jagex for strategy games. FunOrb has many new games that are focused on strategy. Jagex has made this a part of his life for many years.
Although I am not sure that this new skill will be referred to as "Strategy", I am not going to attempt to guess its name. However, I think that this skill might include a strategy element. It is no longer true that RuneScape is a simple matter of pressing and repeating. Strategies are a technique that can be used in its own right and can have an effect upon all other skills.
Let me explain how it could work. Since the new skill will benefit to improve all abilities, it will either be a part of each current skill with a strategy feature or you'll be able to 'learn' how to make and utilize new items. For instance, certain tasks (such as cooking or mining) might include the Strategy Switch that allows you enable or disable the strategy mode.
Strategy mode is a great tool to develop new skills and improve the quantity and quality of your products. There may be recipes or formulas that require a specific strategy in order to cook or prepare the food.
How can the new skill avoid repetition? Surely people would get the grasp of it and then enter a state of a zombie state where they lifelessly train the ability without having to think? This strategy thing will likely include a variety of unique elements like timing, randomness, and different scenarios. The player will have to adjust to the circumstances similar to minigames such as the Burgh de Rott ramble or Barbarian Assault.
Although it's still a guess I'm pretty sure that this is most likely to be correct than any other guesses. I haven’t seen anyone think of anything yet. I'll stick with my own ‘strategy skills’. Though I'm not a big fan of cheap OSRS gold strategies, you can never go wrong with Sailing.

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