on December 09 at 11:03 PM

MyCareer's evolution over the years

The improvements, to NBA 2K22 MT me, allowed Pro mode feel more like Hall of Fame mode and for the first time it made me change my shot meter so that it aligns its position with my players' percentage.
MyCareer's evolution over the years has been formulaic if not generic. The formula has remained the same, 2k22 introduced some minor tweaks. It also has the plot focusing on the growing popularity of a media influencer looking to go pro, somewhat similar to the rise of YouTube highlight reel to the professional league. Contrasting with the rookie showcase NBA draft, it is a testimony to that the MyCareer feature has grown in popularity.
The narrative flow is, however, prone to falling to a halt at times Perhaps 2K could be thinking about adding more subplots to Buy NBA 2K Coins the player can explore in the near future. Perhaps, they could create a The City version that's compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

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