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Player endorsements in NBA 2K22

In the defensive sphere The computer AI's back defense and additional defense actions are faster and more violent as well as the effectiveness of powerful jumps and pick-and roll cuts are greatly diminished. To 2K22 MT complete the offense more smoothly, players may need to utilize more complex tactics.
The biggest update of this new generation is the "City of Basketball" in the mode of MC. The "City of Basketball" in NBA 2K22 is back in the community mode for 2K18 19. It combines the main storyline with the epic "Basketball City" players are required to expand their commercial horizons by completing various other activities, such as fashion and music as well as their basketball careers. You can become an NBA player with a comprehensive growth of morality, intelligence, the physicality, art and work.
The storyline of this game remains the traditional game plot that is part of the 2K series. AI, Junior DJ and others characters played by players from earlier generations have also been transformed into NPCs in this game. The plot line in the tale is very well-written, however, the IQ of the script interpretation can be quite variable, and many important plots lack logic. This is not a good thing for the career model which focuses on substitution.
Player endorsements in NBA 2K22 can be divided into 10 branding attributes. Players accumulate brand attribute levels by participating in various plot challenges in community activities, post-match interviews, and after-match interviews. Only when they reach a certain number of fans and attaining the required brand attribute levels can they earn endorsement certificates.
This can significantly increase duration of games for Buy NBA 2K22 MT players outside the arena. NBA 2K22 features an RPG-like pointer cursor to assist with various side tasks, however, riding a scooter in the "Basketball city" is still a painful thing and the time it takes as well as the rewards. very successful. Proportional.

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